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What cheeses can I use in my Teddington Cheese cheesecake?What will it cost to create my Teddington Cheese cheesecake?How do I design my Teddington Cheese cheesecake?
What will my wedding cheesecake cost?

What will my wedding cheesecake cost?

Initially we will ask you if you have a specific

budget in mind and will always do our best to

find ways to work within this.

As a general rule of thumb, we allow around

100g of cheese per person, and for budgeting

purposes, you should work to approximately

£2.50 - £3.00 per head. The exact costs will depend on

how many people you want to serve and which

cheeses you choose.

Once we have agreed your cake we ask for a

25% non-refundable deposit to confirm the order.

The balance is payable on the day the cake is


Please note, we do not provided decorations or

boards for the wedding cheesecake, but we are

happy to offer suggestions and ideas to the

wedding organiser.

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