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What cheeses can I use in my Teddington Cheese cheesecake?What will it cost to create my Teddington Cheese cheesecake?How do I design my Teddington Cheese cheesecake?
What cheeses can I use

What cheeses can I use

Cheeses are selected to provide an interesting

contrast of colours, sizes, textures and milk

types. We usually recommend a selection which

includes some traditional favourites, as well as

some more unusual choices.

We can also tailor the cheese to the bride and

groom, either to accommodate personal tastes

or perhaps to represent the different parts of the

country that they are from.

Not every cheese is suitable for a wedding

cheesecake. The best are round, with an even

shape. Our aim is to create a 'tiered' cake of

3-6 layers stacked up together. Alternatively,

some people prefer to use a cake stand.
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