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What the press are saying about us

Red magazine - November 2000

Christmas delivered
The 15 absolute best mail-order companies
'Tis the season for indulgence. Sarah Woodward scours the country for the finest delicacies and writes......

"Farmhouse cheeses
The Teddington Cheese is a company that specialises in quality cheeses, 'produced on small farms using traditional methods'. The Christmas Special (25 including p&p) is a selection of seasonal cheeses including the festive favourite, Stilton. The Discovery Cheeseboard (42) comprises additional treats such as Laverbread, which is made with seaweed,. Or, for the truly adventurous, there's The Courageous (31) - a kilo of extra-strong cheeses. And don't forget - always allow cheese to sit at room temperature for at least two hours before serving."

Medeconomics magazine - May 2000

Unusual cheeses for connoisseurs

'I you know your Lanark Blue from your Camembert au Calvados, head for The Teddington Cheese. Alternatively, let the cheese come to you. The company's shops in west London stock more than 130 cheeses from the UK and Europe, all produced on small farms using traditional methods. A home delivery service is available, and you can order by telephone, or the company's award-winning website, www.teddingtoncheese.co.uk. Cheeseboards and hampers put together by cheesemongers are listed, or you can create your own individual selection.'

The Guardian - Friday January 21 2000

The World's your oyster
Claire Phipps tracks down Briatin's top gourmet shopping sites and writes....

'Not so long ago, the fine food fanatic would view the hunt for authentic but elusive foodstuffs such as truffles and Norwegian goats cheese as proof of culinary dedication. He or she would think nothing of driving miles up muddy farm tracks in search of, say, Goucestershire Old Spot dry-cured bacon from a rare pigery.

For the rest of us, who only fancied the occasional nibble of foie gras or wind-dried tuna, such a prospect was enough to send us running for the supermarket and a ready-made lasagne. But those were the days when finding anything more exciting than a button mutton mushroom on the high street involved as much sweat and toil as sniffing out truffles in the woods of Piedmont.

Today the internet can deliver the most exotic foods straight to your doorstep. There is a downside, of course. unlike other online shopping, you'll rarely find decent disounts*. But at least you'll be paying handsomely for food you can't pick up on the average high street.

www.teddingtoncheese.co.uk - A better classs of cheese - 130 varieties in fact - gathered from farms across britain and Europe. Try Gjetost (a Norwegian goat's cheese with a fedgey apperance) or French Epoisses.'

* Note from the Teddington Cheese - 'The food retail business is very different from other forms of retail shopping. The competitive nature of the food business and the public's expectation means that the mark-up levels are very low. Clothes and other goods, on the other hand, are able to triple the prices they actually pay for there goods. Even when a clothes retailer offers a 50% discount they are still making a reasonable profit'.