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Helpful Delivery Information

In order to ensure that your order arrives on time the following information would be appreciated. Please fill out the relevant sections on the order form.

An accurate postcode is vital. If you do not have it then we can obtain it for you (at a cost of 1 as charge to us by Post Office). Please do not guess.

A house number:
Please use a house number and not just a house name. If a house does not have a number then please give some additional information to help the courier to identify the property: e.g. the house is next to the Red Lion pub or there is a large white cartwheel by the gate.

Details of how to find a house:
Please give brief details of how to find the house. There is no need to describe how to get to your town or village, just simple directions from the nearest landmark will be sufficient.

Safe place to leave a parcel:
If you have a safe place for the parcel to be left, should you have to 'pop out', then this will be very useful. This is, however, done at your risk since you know the property and the security of the area. Please ensure that the safe place is out of the sun. Once an attempted delivery has been made then a re-attempt will not be possible until the following day.

If the order is a gift then please check that the recipient will be in to receive the delivery or if they can suggest a safe place, out of the sun, to leave the parcel.