Photograph of Cabri
Map of France showing the location of Touraine

A firm, moist, ivory paste and a full, goaty flavour.

Made using goats' milk Made using unpasteurised milk

A region of France renowned for its goats cheeses, Touraine is situated West of the Loire Valley. In the 8th century, when the Saracens were expelled from the region, they left behind a legacy of goats and recipes for cheesemaking. Many small towns in the area now make artisanal cheeses. Cabri is one such fermier or farmhouse cheese, made from the milk of local goats.

Cabri takes 4 weeks to ripen in humid cellars. The rind starts off life white, but once mature it takes on a reddish tint. After full maturation it becomes blue-grey in appearance.

Typically weighing 180 grammes, our Cabri is conical in shape with a flat top. It stands approximately 6cm high, with a base of 4cm and a 3cm top. Fat content is usually 45%.

This cheese has a firm and moist, crumbly pāte and has a strong goaty flavour. It is excellent on the cheeseboard, but also can hold its own when part of a sauce, and can also be enjoyed with a glass of red wine from the Poitou region.

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