Photograph of Trami d'Alsace
Trami d'Alsace
Map of France showing the location of Alsace

Soft, creamy texture with a sticky, red rind, a full, spicy flavour and a lively aroma.

Made using cows' milk Made using unpasteurised milk

Trami d'Alsace is a soft washed-rind cheese typical of the Alsace region. It was originally made as a smaller version of Munster, an ancient cheese from the Vosges region. The milk for Trami comes from cows which graze in the valleys and the mountain pastures called Chaumes, from which the popular Chaumes cheese is named.

This cheese is artisan made in much the same way as Munster, but instead of washing in brine, Trami d'Alsace is washed in the local Marc de Gerwurstraminer. This imparts a very distinctive flavour and aroma to the cheese, and gives the rind a deep orange colour.

A whole Trami d'Alsace weighs approximately 200g and has a fat content of 45%. It is best eaten on the cheeseboard. Accompanying wines should be full bodied and the ideal accompaniment would be a Gerwurstraminer itself.

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