Photograph of Devon Blue
Map of Great Britain showing the location of Totnes, Devon

A firm textured, a sweet and smooth, medium-flavoured blue.

Made using cows' milk Made using pasteurised milk Suitable for vegetarians

Well known for his goat's and ewe's milk cheeses, Robin Congdon also makes a cow's milk cheese from the farm's own herd of Ayreshires.

Devon Blue is made using unpasteurised milk using vegetarian rennet. The milk is warmed before the starter is added. Penicillium roquefortii is the mould which gives the blue colour. Unlike most cheeses the curds for Devon Blue are moulded without draining. Instead, turned several times on the first day and once on the second day. When enough blue has developed, in three or four weeks, Robin wraps them in gold coloured foil . This is the French method rather than the Stilton method. The cheeses are then matured for 6 to 8 months by which time the mould has developed fully. The paste is yellow, stippled with blue and with a crumbly texture. Each cheese comes in a 3kg cylinder.

Devon Blue has a surprisingly creamy mellow taste for a blue cheese, with a deep complexity of flavour. It is best enjoyed on the cheeseboard, accompanied with a spicy wine such as Cotes du Rhone, or alternatively on its own with a glass of cider.

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Cotes du Rhone
Domaine Chaume Arnaud 2001red wine
Domaine de la Cessane 2002 white wine

Cabbage salad with blue cheese


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