Photograph of the Mathew cheeseboard

1.4kg of cheese in total

The Mathew cheese selection contains the following:

Mimolette Vieux
Looking like a rusty cannonball this cheese is matured for eighteen months to produce a hard, brittle bright-orange cheese with a very nutty favour. Also known as Boule de Lille.

Roquefort le Troupeau
Roquefort is one of the most famour of all cheeses. It has a creamy, white paste with green-blue veining and a full-flavour characteristic of a ewes' milk cheese. Le Troupeau is one of the last hand-made Roqueforts.

Brie de Meaux
A fabulous, full-flavoured rie with a plump, smooth paste.

Celtic Promise
Shaped like a dumpling this cheese is washed in cider to produce a spicy, aromaitc flavour. Voted the supreme champion at the 1998 British Cheese Awards.

Trami d'Alsace
Trami d'Alsace is related to Munster. The cheese is washed several times in Marc de Guwertztraminer as it matures. It has a soft, creamy texture, a full, spicy flavour and a lively aroma.

Named after the Saxon cheif, Bercul, who was baptised in the ancient well at the centre of the village. It has a firm ivory paste with a fabulous flavour.


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Quinta de la Rosa
red wine
Cotes du Rhone
2000 red wine


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