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Old Amsterdam

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Moist and firm with a full, nutty flavour.

Made using cows' milk Made using pasteurised milk Suitable during pregnancy.

The lush green pastures of lowland Holland make it ideal dairy country, and its name has become eternally linked with cheese production. In fact the Netherlands are the largest exporters of cheese in the world. However, the variety of cheese is relatively low, and the vast majority of these exports comprise only 2 or 3 types. Of these, Gouda represents over 60% of the entire Dutch cheese production. This makes it among the best known cheeses in the world.

The name Gouda comes from the small town situated between Rotterdam and Utrecht, which started producing the cheese for export in the 13th Century. Records show that it was popular in Britain at that time. Today Gouda production is no longer restricted to the local farms around the town itself, but is made all over Holland.

Gouda is a very versatile cheese and is sold at all stages of maturity. It has very good keeping qualities, and some are matured for up to 3 years. Young cheeses tend to be very mild and buttery, but as it matures, it develops a much fuller flavour.

Our Old Amsterdam is a gouda which has been matured for 18 months. It comes coated in black wax. The paste is a deep yellow colour with a waxy texture, punctuated with a few holes. It is a pressed, uncooked cheese made from pasteurised milk. The fat content is 48%.

Although it can be used in cooking, Old Amsterdam is best enjoyed on its own. The full flavour also complements salads to give an added dimension.

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