Photograph of the Miranda cheeseboard

1.4kg of cheese in total

The Connoisseur cheese selection contains the following:

Cave Aged Gruyere
When making traditional Gruyère, the curds are only heated once they have clotted, giving a very dense cheese. Matured for a minimum of 14 months in natural sandstone caves, this Gruyère yields a fabulously deep, sweet, nutty flavour.

When young the rind is washed with brine which encourages the development of a creamy paste and a full-flavour and aroma. It then develops a white, bloomy coat.

Most Swaledale is made using cows' milk but ours is made using the traditional ewes' milk. Mild, moist and creamy when young, becoming drier and fuller-flavoured with age.

Picos Blue
A creamy, full-flavoured blue cheese wrapped in Maple leaves.

An ancient cheese first made by the monks in the 7th century. The paste is buttery-yellow, very rich and creamy and the rind is an orange-red colour. The flavour is spicy and tangy and it has a lively aroma.

Saint Maure de Touraine
A log-shaped, soft, creamy cheese with a full, goaty flavour. The rind is blue-grey and a distinctive feature is a straw running through the centre.


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Chateauneuf du Pape
1999 red wine
Quinta de la Rosa
Vintage Port

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