Photograph of the Edward cheeseboard

1.4kg of cheese in total

The Oscar cheese selection contains the following:

Bleu d'Auvergne
Created bya Auverginian peasant farmer after seeing the famour Roquefort commanding high prices at the markets. A creamy full-flavoured blue.

Brie de Meaux
A fabulous, full-flavoured rie with a plump, smooth paste.

Generations of Fergusonshave been farming at Gubbeen House on the South West tip Ireland. The salty sea air is perfect for this type of cheese whihc has a silky, pliable texture and a fresh, milky flavoour.

Kirkham's Lancashire
A 'Tasty' Lancashire made with the curds of three consecutive mikings. Crumbly texture with a tangy flavour.

Pecorino Fiore Sardo
Unlike many of the Pecorinos this one is to be enjoyed on the cheeseboard. It has a rich and generous flavour,a firm, golden-yellow paste and a hard, brown rind.

An ancient Poitevin cheese shaped like a small, flattened cone, Chabichou is emphatically goaty in flavour and aroma. The name comes from the local dialect word for 'goat' derived from the Arabic 'chebli'.

Trami d'Alsace
Trami d'Alsace is related to Munster. The cheese is washed several times in Marc de Guwertztraminer as it matures. It has a soft, creamy texture, a full, spicy flavour and a lively aroma.


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