Photograph of the Sheridan cheeseboard
The Sheridan

1.4kg of cheese in total

The Sheridan cheese selection contains the following:
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Richard III Wensleydale
Produced by Suzanne Strike on her farm in Bedale and is matured naturally in muslin and has a lovely creamy texture and smooth flavour.

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue
Similar to Stilton but with an orange colouring - never actually made in Shropshire. Medium blue flavour with a firm, creamy texture.

Washing with the local Marc produces a bright-orange, sticky rind, a pungent flavour and a lively aroma. creamy and almost liquid when mature.

A hard cheese, which was developed from a traditional caerphilly recipe, but adapted and matured for 4-8 months. It is close textured, silky, full rich and sweet in flavour.

One of the few creamery cheeses to earn a place in our shops. A amture cheddar blended with mustard and ale to yield a moist, tangy cheese.

A fat, truncated cone with a moist, ivory paste and a full, goaty flavour. The rind changes from a creamy-white to a blue-grey with orange streaks with age.


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red wine
Collioure Rose
rosé wine

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