Photograph of the Courageous cheeseboard

Not for the faint-hearted

1.1kg of cheese in total

The Courageous cheese selection contains the following:

Vieux Lille
Also known as Gris de Lille, this cheese is extremely strong and pungent. It is a type of Maroilles cheese but is matured for twice as long and regularly washed with brine or beer.

Washing the local Marc produces a bright-orange, sticky rind, a pungent flavour and lively aroma. Creamy and almost liquid when mature.

Lanark Blue
A creamy, full-flavoured blue cheese wrapped in Maple leaves.

The paste is creamy and supple, the flavour mild and fruity and it has a thin, pinkish rind.

Saint Maure de Touraine
A log-shaped, soft, creamy cheese with a full, goaty flavour. The rind is blue-grey and a distinctive feature is a straw running through the centre.


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Bordeaux Superieur
Chateau Panchille 1996 red wine

Late bottled vintage Port
Quinta de la Rosa

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