Photograph of the Family cheeseboard
The Family
1.3kg of cheese in total

The Family cheese selection contains the following:
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Olde Sussex
This deep rich creamy cheese is made using a traditional cheddar recipe. It's more open bouncy texture makes it an excellent alternative as a table cheese.

Cornish Yarg
A cheese similar to Caerphilly but with a distinctive coating of nettle leaves. Moist and supple texture with a light, citrus flavour.

Cashel Blue
A medium-flavoured blue witha melt in the mouth creaminess, this cheese is less salty than the majority of blues. Ireland's most famous cheese.

One of the most famous of all cheeses but relatively young by French standards - a mere 285 years old. The rind is creamy-white and the paste is plump and pale-golden with a full flavour.

Smoked Gubbeen
Wheels of Lancashire are oak-smoked to give a full, smokey flavour with a crumbly texture.

Chabichou du Poitou
An ancient Poitevin cheese shaped like a small, flattened cone and emphaticlly goaty in flavour and aroma.


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Collioure Rose
Rose wine
red wine

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