The Churchill Hamper

Includes a hand-made wicker basket from Somerset with a feast of cheeses, wines, biscuits, pickles etc.

Photogrpah of the Churchill Hamper

1.4kg of cheese in total

The Churchill Hamper contains the following:
(For the contents of the Churchill hamper which is suitable for vegetarians click here)

Green's Cheddar
Made by a third generation of cheese makers. The milk comes from the family herd which grazes on the fresh meadows at the foot of the Mendip Hills. A full-flavoured, moist Cheddar with a slightly sharp edge.

One of the most famous of all cheeses but relatively young by French standards - a mere 285 years old. The rind is creamy-white and the paste is plump and pale-golden with a full flavour.

Cashel Blue
A medium-flavoured blue with a 'melt in the mouth' creaminess, this cheese is less salty then the majority of blues. Ireland's most famous cheese.

A fat, truncated cone with a moist, ivory paste and a full, goaty flavour. The rind changes from a creamy-white to a blue-grey with orange streaks with age.

Rioja La Montesa
.Juicy, fruity and smooth, this is a lovely, easy-drinking Spanish red with the sort of class and structure normally associated with far more 'serious' Riojas. Simply superb.

Quinta de la Rosa Late Bottled Vintage Port (75cl)
Quinta de la Rosa, one of the finest vineyards in the Douro valley, is situated on the banks of the river in the 'A' grade port growing area and run by the Bergqvist family who have been involved in the port trade since 1805.

Crones Apple Juice (75cl)

Fudge's Chocolate Florentines (150g)

Chocca Mocca Chocolates

Maggie Ramage Cake (600g)
Made with a wartime recipe

Cottage Delight home-made fudge (200g)

Fruit Puree
A delightful accompaniment to cheese

Fine Cheese Biscuits
Light and crunchy

Scottish Oatcakes (100g)

McKenzie Oval Alberts (150g)
Crisp, light and flaky.

Teddington Cheese Chutney
Made to a traditional recipe

Cottage Delight pickled onions (270g)
Made to a traditional recipe

Cottage Delight Cheese Straws (100g)
Light and flaky

Teddington Lemon Curd
Made to a traditional recipe


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